how to profit from amazon kindle

Self Publishing: The Best Way To Profit on Kindle Using the Internet Marketing Concept on Amazon

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What’s the fastest and easiest way for you to self publish an e-book and cash in on Kindle?

The answer is... Research, Research, and Research, with a tad bit of using the same resources that you are currently using to test and promote your main products and service... And keep in mind that many people will be accessing this "information" very soon, but now you can still profit big from this... I mean it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that with a little bit of training from the top people that know how to do this... the more likely you're going to create some success with it...

Now while you look over that, I want to give you some extra tips that helped me along the way to start selling and publishing on Kindle for the past 3 Years...

Yes it was exactly on July of 2012 when I first started to publish on Kindle, I actually wrote my first long Novel starting in 2008... And to make a long story short, I just went extremely slow in the publishing process, because I couldn't decide if I wanted to publish it using traditional publishing or self publishing...

And to make matters worse, It took me very long to even write this first novel. Reason being, I wasn't quite sure what steps to take next, I wasn't motivated about publishing it until I discovered Amazon Kindle publishing in 2012...

Wow, it completely changed the way I thought about advertising and publishing forever... Plus one of the main reason why I got excited was because I would consider myself an experience webmaster with background in not online advertising and marketing, but also in digital publication.

I've had a few major successes in the past selling marketing software and even my own digital e-book, so you can almost imagine why I would be very excited about doing digital publication through Amazon Kindle... And it's only going to get better, because more and more people are reading things through their cell phones and tablet devices these days... Yes, I always see them doing it everywhere: On the bus, at the park, at work, and even at the Gym.

So, if you have a digital novel or book that you want to promote, you should constantly be testing: the title, the description, the novel cover, the price, and the appropriate category that it should be placed under... I'll tell you right now, that if you keep doing this, and keep testing it and even using KDP select free promotion to see how many downloads your book gets, you're going to have a lot of fun doing this, because you'll receive some excellent results, some good results, and sometimes not so good... However you'll be able to always improve on what is working and sell more of your Kindle e-books over time.

Also make sure you test some outside marketing sources, and not just or the Kindle Market Place... Yes, you can make some good money just by promoting it only in the Amazon Kindle Market Place, but I found that some of the e-book sales were sometimes outside like on Facebook, Twitter, and some unique traffic exchanges that I use...

For instance on Facebook, I was able to generate tons of likes to help me promote my ebook even more, and the good news is that, you can even set a higher price for your e-book if you plan to maybe promote it on Facebook, because, I'm finding out more and more that some people are willing to pay a higher price since they're used to paying more for e-books on lets say Clickbank or other Digital market places.

So, I hope you too start using methods like these to promote your Kindle E-book, you'll notice a dramatic increase in your Amazon Kindle e-book sales.

Now lets go over the Title of your ebook, and the way it will look on Amazon when people see it... Make sure you test your titles or headlines of your e-book... first test a long title or headline with some keywords to see if your ranking will improve for your e-book... then test a shorter title to see what will happen... Also keep in mind that you should look over your competitors titles and headlines to get some ideas... I've tested several title and headlines in the past like... Fantasy Fiction: Lumanite X - The 7 Crystals and Christian Fiction: Lumanite X - The 7 Crystals Had some good results...

Now lets go over the description of your ebook. Make sure the description is very relevant to the title and gets people extremely excited to want to start reading your ebook... Also make sure you test long and short description to see which ones get you the best results. Your description should also have some of the keywords that you're trying to rank high for in the Kindle marketplace. Another thing to remember is that you should also check your competitor's description to see if they are bolding some of their sentences. If they are, and their ebook is selling well, then you may want to try the same... This can totally capture poeple's eyes, but keep it to a minimum, don't bold every part of the description.

The Ebook Cover Art is also very important... Make sure it's professionally designed, so that people take you more seriously... Make sure your letter heads and fonts are bold so that it capture's people's eyes right away. The good news is that, Amazon Kindle allows you to have 1,100 pixels by 1,556 pixels on your ebook cover art, that's big enough for you or the artist you're working with to add as much detail to the book cover as possible; making it look more and more professional.

Now the Price of Your Ebook is also very important... Why? Because certain people will only buy ebooks at a certain price... Some will only pay $0.99, and some may pay up to $9.99 for an ebook... And I find this very interesting, I guess the people who are willing to pay $9.99 for an ebook were probably used to paying a lot more for other ebooks on the Internet. I myself had personally paid anywhere from $29 to a whopping $97 in the past for an ebook, and I know others have paid the same amount as well, so there's definitely a market for setting your ebooks for $9.99 or $9.47... Most would purchase a Kindle ebook for only $2.99, that would be the most reasonable price, and could be the perfect price for you to make the most sales, so don't overlook this. Always test your prices to see how many sales you will get by setting your books at $0.99 and then at $2.99, and then at maybe $4.99. If your books become very popular and you know that people will be buying them at a higher price, why not set the price to $9.47 for a test... However, if you find out that you're making the most sales by setting it at $2.99, by all means do that.

Finally, You should make sure you place your ebook in the appropriate category... Amazon gives you a choice of two categories to list your ebook, so please make good use of this. Always make sure that the two categories that you have chosen are both relevant to your book; however, you can choose the second category a little bit different from the first to see what your listing and response is going to be like... For example you can choose lets say Fantasy & then Technology to see if you can expand your ebook to a larger market, especially this works best if lets say your ebook does talk about Fantasy a lot, but also has a few interesting concepts about Technology... Again maybe it's a Science Fiction Fantasy that you're in to, so it would make a lot of sense to test both categories, even if it doesn't seem like they would relate to each other.

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how to profit from amazon kindle