make money online with free publicity

7 Ways to Get $250,000 Worth of Free Publicity

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You and I know that whenever you have a business, whether it's On-line or Off-line you would have to take some time and money to market that business right?

What you may not know is that you can still create success without spending too much money. It's not the amount of money that you have to spend on advertising, it's the clever strategies that you have to use to try to get tons of traffic to your business to make your money online and even worldwide.

Thanks to the Power of the Internet, anything is now possible. Because of Today's Crazy Internet Technology, you can still create a fortune using free advertising. It is so powerful, similar to having an Idea that is worth millions and millions of dollars. All you need to do is to implement the idea and Voila! Free publicity that can make you money online and off-line for life.

1.) Create a powerful Article for the search engines. Make sure that you pick out at least 3 to 4 major keywords or keyword phrases and use them evenly in your article. Also make sure the keywords and keyword phrases are the words that most people would search for in a search engines. Manually submit your article pages to the major search engines. You can even post some on your Facebook page, along with your Twitter page. And as soon as the next popular social media website pops up in the future, you should post it on there as well. If may just go viral and make you lots of money.

2.) When using any submission software to submit your site to 1000s of search engines, FFA, Classified Ads, Message Boards and data bases, always track your hits, that way you can double or triple your performance, by submitting it more than once. It really does work. If you find a winning ad or an ad copy that people are responding to more often and you start to generating tons of traffic and sales... start paying more and more attention to it to see how you can get that same winning messages to millions of people and find a more targeted market in the process.

3.) When you do email marketing... Join a lot of free email clubs, email lists, and ezine lists. It can be worth over 35,000 people seeing your business for free.

4.) Make a list of other businesses, visit their web site, link to their web site, send them a personalized letter asking them to link to your business, and give them a reason why they should link to you. Then maybe offer him some of your products and services. Even placing your banner on their site for a small monthly fee. The greatest part about this idea is that every business that you contact can have a large list of lets say 25,000 people that could be interested in your product or service.

5.) When it comes Forums & Social Media websites, try to also help others by giving them advice and asking questions. You can do a little bit of free adverting here also, but make sure that you're helping them. One powerful tip that I can give you is that, once you find a winning Article or a winning Press Release that you can use... You can start promoting them for free in the Forums & Social Media websites, and sometimes words can get around fast and you can start building your popularity in these forums & social media websites as well as future networks that will be mentioned in the special society where you can access the $1,000,000 software concept at:

6.) Ezines (Electronic Magazines or Online Newsletters) are great. They are one of the first steps that you should take that could be helping you get at least $20,000 worth of free publicity and free advertising. Because when you get your Article published in 40 Ezines you will get lots of exposure.

7.) Doing a Press Release is by far the Most Powerful Venture that you can ever get into. If you truly want $250,000 of Free publicity, You should consider it. One of the reason why this is so powerful is because it's Free and it will help you build credibility. Most of the times, press releases can even be worth a lot more than $250,000. So please take advantage of it as soon as you start getting thousands of free prospect visiting your web site or seeing your business ideas.

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make money online with free publicity