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Best Online Marketing Tips that are working for me right now!

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I want to share with you all some of the best internet & online marketing tips that I've been using and will continue to use...

Because I've had about 17+ years of Experience in Internet Marketing, I've come up with a special philosophy... and finding at least the top 3 Marketing Resources and using them to its greatest and fullest potential!

In my case, I always choose these 3 and use them the most, and I hope this HELPS others who are reading this, and gives them some wild ideas on how to use them to it's fullest and greatest potential...

Search Engines
Banner Ads
Email Marketing

I love using these 3 and I consider them my top 3 resources in my internet marketing tool kit! Of course I have others like...

Discussion Forums
Facebook pages
Twitter Profiles
and Classified Ads

But I would consider these my 2ndary in my arsenal of tools for Internet Marketing and even some off-line marketing

So for Search Engines, I've done many in-depth analysis and found several SEO techniques to get ranked higher... And found the 2 major technique being tons of content and tons of backlinks, but it doesn't stop there, because many of you probably already know this... Like how can someone like me who had 17+ years of experience in internet marketing say something basic like this?

Well this is where it begins and you have to build other concepts around the effectiveness of using content and backlinks. Well once you get passionate about it like me, you'll understand what I mean... And of course having the best keyword combination, I would consider this 3rd... and the more research I do, the more things that I'm figuring out that will help me and hopefully others in 2018.

And for Banner Ads, I make sure I design the banners myself using similar design as one of my top internet marketing mentors in the past... The design is simple and will always work even today... have an image on the far left side, some blue or purple text in the middle and have an eye catching button that says "Click Here"... and keep in mind that the image on the far left side can also look like a button that people would want to click on, by doing this, you will get more clicks on your banners, I love it!

Excellent Example below!!!

For Email Marketing, I always use opt-in email to my existing list and buying Solo Ads... The best way I test if my opt-in email message is going to be a winner is, I first test it in my onw list... and some of my partner's lists that only cost about $39 to $60. As soon as I get a good response, I then use the same email copy on other more expensive Solo Ads... Other forms of email marketing that I like to test out would be to look for reputable companies that are willing to do some email marketing and contact them... One reputable company YOU will find in the MakeMoney Worldwide Package member's only website.

I can share all my other marketing resources that worked for me in the past and are still working right now, but that would take forever for me to explain it all here... That's why I've created the PACKAGE... Perfect for People Who want to take Their Online Business to the NEXT LEVEL for THIS YEAR!

Thank You for reading this report!

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